Quality, innovation and integrity make Ambiente Eventos a reference in the market. With solutions that combine design and sustainability, the company realizes unique projects with sophistication and originality.

Who we Are

Ambiente Eventos

Founded in 2008, AMBIENTE EVENTOS brought the market with furniture rental a new concept for decoration. Furniture with attributes of environmental responsibility, high standards and outstanding quality transform the atmosphere of social and corporate events into something unique and exclusive.

Through the Rustic & Sophisticated concept, combined with suppliers engaged in the cause of environmental preservation, AMBIENTE EVENTOS introduced itself in the Brazilian market of events and gained national projection. It became a reference in sustainable high standard furniture rental, attending events throughout the Brazilian territory through its operational base in São Paulo.

Aiming at excellence and fast service, from the mere quotation requests to the impeccable event assembly and disassembly, more than 1000 customers have been able to confirm the differentials of AMBIENTE EVENTOS.

Right now the company is going through a major challenge: the implementation of advanced storage and logistics methodologies to assure that the rented furniture arrives in time at the events, beyond being offered in impeccable condition to the clients.

Associação dos Profissionais, Serviços para Casamento e Eventos Sociais

Another strong point is the company's expansion plan which started in 2013 through the implementation of the second operational base of the company located in the marvelous city Rio de Janeiro.

A strategic growth was initiated which will allow the agencies, decorators and architects to enjoy all the advantages of AMBIENTE EVENTOS without the need to pay prohibitive transport values.

Rental Policy

Política de Locação

Always thinking about offering the best services in the market, AMBIENTE EVENTOS has a rental policy that aims to maintain excellence in its operations and processes, putting the best options at the disposal of its clients. Check it out!

In our quotations are included:

  • Loading and unloading of the material at the venue.
  • Preventive packaging (reduces the incidence of failure, safeguarding clients from possible breakdowns in the process of loading and unloading).
  • Freight value does not affect discounts and BVs (bonus on volume).
  • AMBIENTE EVENTOS is not liable for hoisting, in case of need.
  • AMBIENTE EVENTOS does not permit not approved third parties to transport or load their goods to places which are not included in the contract.
  • Breakages, damage and loss shall be charged later - NO FURNITURE MAY BE SOAKED, unless previously authorized by AMBIENTE EVENTOS.
  • The presence of a person in charge on receipt and withdrawal of AMBIENTE EVENTOS material is mandatory. In case of any breakage in material during the event and there is no person in charge present at the time of withdrawal, the charge for the damages shall be automatic.
  • All quotations are valid for 2 as from the date of issue. If the rental of the requested material has not been confirmed by the end of this term, the items will automatically be available in stock and may be offered to other clients.
  • No quotation guarantees the reservation of the furniture.

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